Rori Palazzo was born in Palermo, 1977. Lives and works between Palermo and Rome

She studied at the Academy of Fine Art and Restauration in San Martino delle Scale, near Palermo.

Rori Palazzo’s photographic work is inherently connected to an onniric and surreal imagination. Her photography take us beyond the perceived reality, where desires, obsessions, fears and utopias accumulate.

Her photos have the capacity to penetrate the depths of the inconscious, creating intimate portraits in which a certain empathy emerges and develops through dialog with the people she portrays.

This interactive process works, in tandem with a search for a particular suggestive environment – surreal atmosphere, elegant balance of contrasting elements, formal beauty and purity of composition – reminiscent of universal symbolic and iconographic elements, which render Rori Palazzo’ s photos hypnotic and emotionally charged.


2013 | BNL Paribas Photo Contest | winner.

2013 | Arte Laguna Prize | Special Prize Art Gallery “Galleria PrimoPiano”

2012 | Federculture | Centro Periferia | Winner

2012 | Combat Prize 2012 | Finalist

2012 | Como Contemporary Contest 2012 (in partnership with Federculture) | Selected by jury to partecipate at Finalists artist exhibition

Mostre personali / Solo exhibition:

December 2013: Dream#, Galleria Primo Piano, Napoli

August 2012: Traumnovelle, Oratorio di San Lorenzo, Palermo

May 2009: Trapassatofuturo, BoaLab, Palermo;

Principali mostre collettive / Selected group exhibition:

– Luglio 2017: L’alleanza dei corpi – realization of the advertising image of the Palermo Pride 2017 and exhibition of the photographs taken – Palazzo Riso, Palermo

– Luglio – Agosto 2016: Gibellina PhotoRoad –Internazional Open Air Photography Festival

– may 2015Lo sguardo e la luce, Palazzo Sant’Elia, Palermo

– October 2014: Tentazioni, Oratorio di San Lorenzo, Palermo

– September 2014Isola, Vuoto 14 | Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo

– June – August 2014: The sea is my land, curated by di Francesco Bonami ed Emanuela Mazzonis, Triennale, Milano

– May-June 2014: Corpi solitari. Autoscatti contemporanei, curated by Giorgio Bonomi, Palazzo Trigona, Noto

– 4 July-29 September 2013: The sea in my land-Artisti dal Mediterraneo, curated by Francesco Bonami and Emanuela Mazzonis MAXXI, Rome;

- June 2013: Migrantes, Instituto Cervantes, Palermo;

– May 2013: Die Form des Wassers, 7 Künstlerinnen aus Sizilien, Kunst im Hafen, Düsseldorf;

- May 2013: MIA Photo Fair, Milan, on the occasion of BNL Photo Contest, stand BNL to present the winner;

- 09/28 April 2013: Geografie e storie di transizioni #1, curated by Ezio Ferreri ed Emilia Valenza, Palazzo Ziino, Palermo;

– 16/31 March 2013: Arte Laguna Prize, Finalists artist exhibition, Arsenale Venice;

– 08/30 March 2013: “O”[eau], curated by Laura Francesca Di Trapani, Palazzo Ziino, Palermo;

– November 2012: Centro/Periferia, Winners artist exhibition, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Spazio fontana, Rome;

– August 2012: Sicilia Fotografia Contemporanea, Ex Collegio dei Gesuiti, Alcamo;

- June 2012: Premio Combat Prize, Finalists artist exhibition, Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori ex Granai di Villa Mimbelli, Livorno;

– June 2012: CoCoCo Como Contemporary Contest, Finalists artist exhibition, San Pietro in atrio, Como;

– June 2012: Centro/Periferia, Finalists artist exhibition of Federculture,Tempio di Adriano, Rome;

– December 2011: Sweet Sheet IV, Zelle Arte Contemporanea, Palermo;

– October-november 2011: MicroCosmi, curated by Giulia Ingarao, Centro d’Arte Piana dei Colli, Palermo;